Jiaming Wang is the internationally acclaimed artist, most well-known for his integration of Eastern and Western culture in his art and creations. He is multifariously talented in different schools of art, ranging from modern and abstract art to realistic and classical art. He has attended exhibitions across the world, from Inner Mongolia to Zurich, Switzerland. In every exhibition, Jiaming Wang reaffirms his belief in the importance of understanding the beauty of different cultures and portraying them together in harmonious and abstract ways.

Jiaming Wang was born in Liaoning, China. He completed his art research at Nagoya Visual Art University at Japan in 1992. After traveling and painting throughout Central America, in 1995 he moved to the United States and further pursued his art research at the University of Visual Art in New York.

He has exhibited extensively throughout Japan, the USA, and Central America and has won many prizes at home and abroad. He was selected as second prize winner for 20th Annual Miniature Art Competition in Florence Art Museum. He was also selected award winner in exhibition at Monmouth Art Museum as well as Signature artist from Noyes art Museum. Many of his works are currently owned by widely known collectors, the UN, and even the Clintons. Currently, he is featured on the Art Renewal Center as one of the official Realist artists.

Artist Jiaming Wang instills his beliefs and personal values into his work as he believes his art to be a platform showing viewers a view of the world through his lens. He is well known for his design of the official endangered species stamp collection for the United Nations in 1998 as a way of bringing awareness and recognition of the danger that many of the beautiful animals are in. He hopes to use his artistic talent and deepened appreciation for wildlife as a way to raise awareness to others.

Through his artwork and identity, Jiaming Wang hopes to bridge together both Eastern and Western culture. Travelling across the world in artistic pursuit and education as well as living and raising a family in America for more than 20 years has given him the privilege of living with the diverse fulfilling ideologies and philosophies. Jiaming Wang hopes to show his audience the vast complex differences and yet universal beauty that both cultures have to offer.

Awards & Honors:

2019 Mar ; Work presented in ‘ your place squared “ exhibition in Bruce art museum

2018 Nov ; Accepted ‘ distinguished artist of the year award ‘ by Asian American congress .

2017 Nov; art work ‘ Morning Greeting “ selected to join in group exhibition in Long Island Museum

in New York .

2014 Jan: Jiaming Wang becomes an Art Renewal Center Living Artist member.

2013 Aug; Artwork has been accepted by International 2013 ARC Renewal Center

2012: Jiaming Wang becomes a artist member of the Moma art museum.

2010 Aug; solo exhibition in Ordos city museum in Inner Mongolia.

2009 Dec ; selected for group exhibition in New Britain Museum of American Art .

2009 Oct ; have been selected to participate in Art Expo in Zurich of Switzerland .

2009 Sep ; have solo exhibition in Akell Museum .

2009 May ; participate in Signature artist exhibition , selected by Noyes museum of Art .

2009 May ; participate in group artist members exhibition in Fort Wayne Museum of Art .

2009 Apr ; have been selected for participate in National juried exhibition in Farmington Museum .

2009 Mar ; have been selected for participate in juried solon exhibition in Trenton Museum .

2009 Mar 8 ; have been selected participate in exhibition in South West Art museum by Midland

Arts Association Spring Art Show

2009; have been selected for Signature artist from Noyes art Museum.

2009 Jan 16 ; have been selected award winner in exhibition at Monmouth art museum

2008 Dec 4: art work on Poly auction in Beijing in China.

2008; been selected in second prize for 20th Annual miniature art Competition in Florence

Art Museum.

2008 July ; been selected for participate in September U S A National competition by Alexandria

museum of art .

2008 June ; been selected for participate in U S A National Juried Exhibition “ Why Not “

Competition . by Housatonic Museum of Art .

2008 June ; been selected for participate in U S A National juried Exhibition “ 72 ND Mid – Year “

Competition. By The Butler Institute of American Art Museum.

2008 May ; been invited to participate in China Beijing art expo .

2008 April , Art work been selected for participate “ New Art International “publishing , by BAP to

publish Art Book .

2008 June : been accept to participate in group exhibition by Fort Wayne art museum .

2008 Mar : participate in group exhibition in guild hall art museum .

2008 Feb : been selected for participate in U S A National Juried exhibition by new port art


2008 April; been selected for participate in exhibition in art Chicago.

2008: been selected in Richeson 75 Artist ‘ s Choice 2008 competition

2008: been selected for best in shower Winner in 2008 U S A national modern contemporary art

Annual open competition exhibit by Firehouse plaza art gallery and Nassau community college.

2008 Feb: artwork exhibition open in Agora gallery.

2007: Winner in international competition of the HEAT the next tortured genius II a

juried international art exhibition in Chelsea in New York Monkdogz Urber art

2006: Designed Poster to “Top of the world “ company for 20 years anniversary.

2005: Accepted “professional Artist” Certificate by cultural affairs of New York.

1999- 2004: Attended international Art Expo at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center,

New York City.

1999: The United Nations purchased four pieces of Jiaming Wang art for their collection.

1998: At invitation of the U.N, designed stamps on World Endangered Species of 1999. Was

Awarded for outstanding artwork, published for worldwide collection annually by U.N. Released in

Geneva, Austria, and New York, published by United Nation.

1997: Art show displaying wildlife in the Gallery of America Asia, NY.

1996: Honored by Chinese Art Association of New York with the award of Outstanding Artist of

New York.

1995: published two articles about Jiaming Wang artistic work in a Costa Rica newspaper called

“Lunation”. Art show at state art Gallery of San Jose, Costa Rica.

1994: Traveled to Costa Rica for further study and research of local culture and art.

1993: Art show displaying illustration in Gallery of Seibu in Nagoya Japan.

1992: First class Prize won at 15th Yenba art Competition in Osaka, Japan. Art show in Memorial

Center of Gifu, Japan.

1991: Top prize won at 27th Asian Contemporary art show in Tokyo, Japan. Art show of oil painting

at Nanasai Gallery of Nagoya, Japan.

1990: Top winner at Art show of foreign Art competition in Fukuoka, Japan. Art show of art

illustration also in Fukuoka.

1989: winner at Graphic design Exhibition sponsored by Commercial Association of Hokkaido,